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Our Stairlifts have been designed to accommodate most types of staircases whether it’s a new build or country cottage, we will have a solution to suit you.

Whatever your requirements, whether it’s narrow, steep, open plan, of any construction or even external stairs, we can find a solution.

Using the latest technology, our Stairlifts provide a smooth, quiet, safe ride along a slim unobtrusive rail which is fitted to the stairs, not the wall. Therefore there is no need for re-decoration.

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Features include
• Comfortable seat - Choice of six colours
• Variable seat height
• Easy to use toggle switch control
• Battery back-up as standard ensures your lift continues to work in the unlikely event of a power cut.
• Soft start/stop
• Powered Folding hinged track (Required when lift obstructs a doorway/passageway) or the unique Slide Track System.
• Safety sensors designed to stop your Stairlift if it meets an obstruction during travel.
• 2 x Remote controls as standard
• Option to upgrade to a Powered Swivel Seat and/or Powered Footplate.

Weight limits
Standard Stairlift – 22st / 140kgs
         19st / 120kgs – Hinge/Slide Track
Heavy duty Stairlift – Up to 31st / 196kgs

We provide fully custom made curved rail Stairlifts designed to suit stairs that have various types of stair configuration such as half landings, fan stairs and different angles, even spirals.

They can run on the inside or outside curve of the stairs depending on which side of the stairs is the preferred option for transferring on and off the seat.

Using the latest technology our Stairlifts provide a smooth, quiet safe ride along a cylindrical unobtrusive rail or twin rail with heavy duty option.

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Features Include
• Easy to use controls
• Variable width comfortable seat (Heavy Duty Option)
• Battery back-up as standard ensures your lift continues to work in the unlikely event of a power cut
• Swivel seat as standard
• Soft start/stop
• Choice of three colours
• Powered Folding hinged track (Required when lift obstructs a doorway/passageway) or Drop Nose rail
• Safety Sensors designed to stop your Stairlift if it meets an obstruction during travel
• Option to upgrade to a Powered Swivel Seat and/or Powered Footplate

Weight limits
Handicare Single Tube – 19.68st / 125kgs
Minivator 2000 Twin Tube – 18st / 115kgs
Minivator 2000 Twin Tube Heavy Duty – 21.5st / 137kgs
Platinum Twin Tube Heavy Duty – 25st / 160kgs

Our range of Through Floor Lifts has been designed so you can regain the freedom of your own home.

The installation is a far less complicated operation than you might first think. Following the initial survey our experienced installation team will carry out all the necessary preparatory work and install the lift in two days.

Operation is very simple, having called the lift from the remote call stations (ground or first floor) the user can open the door via a button located on the call station and then once inside send the lift up or down. The user can also open or close the door from inside the lift simply with the touch of a button.

• The Terry Harmony ‘Through Floor’ Lifts feature an underpan & trapdoor that seal the aperture, complying fully with the BS requirement that the lift must provide fire protection whether parked at the upper or lower level
• In accordance with BS5900:2012 the Harmony is interlinked with smoke detectors at the upper & lower levels and will not commence a journey if smoke or fire is detected.
• * Largest useable floor space of any lift in the UK domestic market (Harmony LW). The longer / wider model is the only Through Floor Lift available in the UK market that will accommodate all category A & B wheelchairs.
• * The only Through Floor Lift in the UK market that is fully compliant as standard with the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) Guide D recommendations.

* As of March 2013

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Features Include
• Smooth hydraulic operation (via remote power pack)
• Remote wireless call stations located on ground and first floor
• Fully automatic powered door – Manual on Compact Seated Version (Harmony C)
• Safety sensors in the up and down direction of travel
• Lift has aperture infill floor to enable normal use of first floor (when lift is in down position)
• Internal LED lighting
• Telephone installation (Optional)
• Joystick control (Optional)
• Range of trim colours (Optional)
• Grab handles (Optional)
• Fixed or fold down seat (Optional)
• 39 Stone Safe Working Load (SWL) / 250kgs

Our range of Steplifts have been designed to facilitate the entrance and exit of a property when the steps prove difficult to negotiate. Steplifts are predominantly designed as a platform for wheelchair users and pedestrians accessing the same doorway.

The installation is simple as the lift has an integral power pack that requires only an electricity supply from the property. Steplifts are often a cheaper alternative to a ramp and can easily be re-sited.

Our experienced staff can arrange for any additional building works if required (possibly the removal of existing steps or the construction of a concrete base) and level access doors.

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Features Include
• Smooth quiet operation
• Shallow approach ramp
• Battery back-up (In the event of a power cut)
• Bridging steps to enable other house occupants to access the property
• Can be located inside or outside property
• Adjustable height – up to 3mtrs
• Upper level gate (optional)
• Remote enabler (optional)
• Low maintenance
• 39 Stone / 250 kgs Safe Working Load

Range available
TSL500 – Maximum rise = 500mm
TSL1000 – Maximum rise = 1000mm
Melody 1 – Maximum rise = 1000mm
Melody 2 – Maximum rise = 3000mm

Our range of Automatic Door Openers/Closers have been developed to enable the user to open and close doors within a property including the main entrance/exit doors.

The Automatic Door Openers/Closers are operated via a hand held radio remote control, so therefore no contact with the door is required.

Our Auto Door Opener/Closer will also unlock the security device (fitted by Liftech Systems SE) so the security of the property will not be compromised.

The devices can be fitted to solid, composite, uPVC and Aluminum constructed doors. They have a range of functions from automatic close via power or spring or command close via a selection of hand held controls.

The units have a built in sensor (Push and Go facility). This detects a person trying to push open a door and operates the motor to open the door for them.

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Features Include
• Full remote radio control operation (hand held or pendant type)
• Auto close facility (spring or power)
• Can be integrated with other systems such as environmental and door Intercom Systems
• Can be installed on main entrance or internal doors
• Electronic security lock (main entrance and exit doors)
• Push and Go facility to assist other property occupants
• Built in anti crush sensors (door will re-open or close if an obstacle is detected in either direction of travel)
• Slim unobtrusive Aluminum design
• Optional manual override switches located near the automatic door (mounted on wall)
• Touch sensitive exit pads
• Optional battery back-up for the unlikely event of a power cut